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Professional Negligence

When you hired a professional to protect your interests and advise you correctly, you expected them to do a good job. Sometimes they don't. If you think you've been badly advised or let down, and especially if you've suffered financial loss as a result of Professional Negligence, Legal Studio may be able to help.

Professional Negligence

Our specialist team, based here in Leeds, has significant experience in dealing with claims in professional negligence against solicitors, accountants, mortgage brokers, financial advisers, surveyors, barristers and other advisers giving advice in a professional capacity. The majority of professionals have policies of insurance against which claims can be made. Contact us now to find out more.

Beware Limitation!

Please remember that legal claims can only usually be brought within certain statutory time periods. These are known as "Limitation periods". It's always better to speak to your lawyer sooner, rather than later, so that Limitation does not become an issue.


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Partnership Disputes

Disputes can arise between the partners of a business, even where they have previously enjoyed a good relationship.

Disputes happen. We can help resolve them

Any dispute within a business has the potential to cause damage and therefore needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Many businesses do not have a partnership agreement in place to provide a framework for the resolution of a dispute.

At Legal Studio, we will take the time to understand the specific needs of your business and advise on the best course of action to ensure the least possible impact, be that getting things back on track or achieving an amicable separation.

And when things have gone beyond that, we can help too...

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Intellectual Property and Information Technology

Almost every business will own, use or create intellectual property (IP) in its day to day activities. This might be the use of a trade mark, the creation or use of copyright works such as books, songs or computer coding. Businesses often develop IP sometimes for their own use, but also on behalf of third parties. Such developed IP might be the creation of designer furniture or the invention of a patentable product. A company may have secret recipes or other trade secrets around which their whole business revolves.

Intellectual Property

Whatever IP you own, use or create, you need to ensure that it is protected, so that your valuable asset cannot be stolen by another. You need to have the proper rights to use any IP. You need to ensure that you do not infringe anyone else’s rights when creating, using or exploiting your IP. And you need to ensure that you are getting the most commerciality out of your IP.

Much of the day to day dealings in IP requires the correct commercial contracts to be put into place. These might be ownership transfers, licenses, research agreements, to name just a few. 

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Commercial agreements come in all forms shapes and sizes.


Legal Studio can discuss your individual requirements. We can advise on standard necessities such as terms and conditions and privacy & cookie policies as well as the external business agreements with third parties. For all your needs internal or external, we can help.

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Contract Disputes

From getting rid of under performing suppliers to reclaiming money you're owed Contract Disputes are an inevitable part of being in business.

Contractual Disputes

Taking advice early on, before things have gone too far, can help nip disputes in the bud, or failing that can put you in the strongest possible position.

Our team will work with you to gain an understanding of the commercial environment in which your business operates. We will provide tailored advice focused on resolving any dispute as quickly and economically as possible, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Speak to one of our experienced litigation solicitors now to see how we can help.

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Contract Advice

Every business transaction takes place within the framework of a contract. Legal Studio Contract advice will ensure that your contracts protect your business.

Understand and Advise

Ideally, Legal Studio will want to sit down with you and understand your business and contracting procedures, before we set about drafting your bespoke contracts. We find this to be an invaluable exercise in helping us to understand your business better so that we can protect your business better. Clients tend to find this exercise tremendously useful too. Sometimes, we even come up with useful ideas to help grow your business.

Alternatively, we can assist with the drafting of particular contract types based upon a suite of leading edge industry standard precedents on a very competitive basis.

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Debt Recovery

If your business does work you expect to be paid for it. Legal Studio provides practical and pragmatic advice on recovering the money that you're owed.

We can advise on the full range of options available, including court proceedings, statutory demands, bankruptcy and winding up. Rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned in getting your money for you.

There's no substitute for experience

Some debts are easy, some are hard. Knowing the difference is where we come in.

Our team know all of the tricks debtors use to avoid or delay payment and we know how to get results where others might struggle.

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Technology Disputes

Your IT system may not be quite as important to the nation as  "Colossus" at Bletchley Park, but when it comes to your business, when things go wrong, the impact can be devastating.

IT and Technology Disputes

We won't be phased by the technology, the language or the stakes. We have a solid grounding in IT and technology and we understand the issues that can arise in high tech, high value projects.

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Finding the documents to support you case, or getting the ones that undermine your opponent's gives a huge advantage in litigation.


When those documents are in electronic form, the most obvious example being emails, identifying and getting hold of the documents and 'mining' the mass of documents for what is important is a major challenge.

This is what E-disclosure is all about.

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Regulatory Prosecutions

Whoever the regulator, whatever the sector, an investigation or prosecution could cost you and your company dearly.

You need expert advice from the outset to mitigate your businesses exposure, reduce the damage to your commercial and public reputation and to minimize stress to you, your directors and your employees.

Regulatory Specialists

Legal Studio's Regulatory Team has substantial experience of handling regulatory investigations and prosecutions and we can guide you through the process in a practical and commercial way. When the stakes are this high, you need the best specialist advice available.

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Regulatory Advice

Compliance is an ever growing area of risk for you and your businesses. Getting the right advice to avoid issues before they arise is the best remedy.


Navigating the potential minefield of what is required, when and in what form can be an unwelcome distraction from running your business.

With fines, prison and debarment from bidding for public contracts (not to mention really bad PR) being just some of the consequences of non compliance your regulatory obligations can be a real source of worry and anxiety.

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