Update on Covid-19

At Legal Studio Solicitors, flexible working and remote working aren't the future. They're the present.

Our firm and it’s systems were designed to be flexible and agile. So, whilst Covid-19 means we have to make some practical changes, we’re still 'open', available and working to assist current and prospective clients with their legal issues

Yes, we're replacing face to face meetings with calls and video conferencing. Yes, we’ve got the majority of the team working remotely/from home.

And, yes, the welfare, physical and mental health of our team is paramount and we’ll take the steps necessary in the future to protect them.

But, no, we aren’t closed.

So, if you need legal support at this difficult time please get in touch. We’re looking forward to helping you.

Posted By: Ian Mccann
Posted: 17 March 2020
2020 29 17 59 Update on Covid-19