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Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions

Anyone can fall foul of the law at any stage, whether it be as part of your business dealings, driving, on a night out, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A criminal investigation and/or prosecution can be devastating for a person's business, personal life, finances and even liberty.

Legal Studio have 20 years experience in defending criminal cases, from minor motoring matters to murder and manslaughter, and everything in between.

See our Crime and Regulatory section for details.

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Cohabitation Claims

The breakdown of an unmarried couple's relationship often leads to cohabitation disputes. Make sure you properly understand your rights and get what is due to you.

Cohabitation - The Problem

Unmarried partners often purchase, share or jointly contribute to what one or both of them perceives to be their joint or family home. It often comes as a surprise when one former partner discovers that he or she has no legal interest in the former co-habital home.

In an ideal world the former partner with the legal ownership is fair and reasonable and will "do the right thing".

Sadly, in the real world, the partner who has the upper hand will often seek to take advantage of the situation.

Legal Studio are experts in pursuing cohabitation claims and bringing "Cohabitation Scoundrels" to book.

Look at our Cohabitation blogs for more information.

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Professional Negligence

When one set of professionals have let you down, you need to be sure that you can trust the next. Legal Studio will give you straightforward, clear and above all correct advice.

 Expert Advice

Legal Studio's specialist team has significant experience in dealing with claims in professional negligence against solicitors, accountants, mortgage brokers, financial advisers, surveyors, barristers and other advisers giving advice in a professional capacity.

The majority of professionals have policies of insurance against which claims can be made.

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Debt Recovery

Chasing what your owed is difficult, stressful and time consuming. Legal Studio Debt Recovery can help you get your money back for less than you think.

Debt Recovery

We have a whole host of tactics, techniques and tricks in our tool-bag, so when it's time to turn the tables on your debtors, give us a call.

Our consultants have many years of experience in chasing reluctant payers, and we won't be put off. On the other hand if we think your prospects of recovery are not good we will tell you, because nobody likes "throwing good money after bad".

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Being taken to court?

Navigating the litigation minefield has never been harder. So if you are being sued, get expert practical advice on your next steps from Legal Studio.

The Problem

You're being sued...

Maybe you didn't pay your builder's last invoice because the kitchen wasn't finished. Maybe the delivery you received was faulty and you rejected it. Maybe all this appeared out of the blue.

Whatever the reason, you're now on a treadmill of deadlines, mysterious terminology and unfathomable documents that you have to deal with.

But wait a minute, there's a letter here that says something about a court hearing...

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