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Hourly Rate

The hourly rate model is the classic method used by solicitors to charge for their services. Legal Studio can record all time engaged on your matter and bill you for the time recorded. The hourly rate model is simple and, where matters settle or are resolved quickly, can be cost-effective.

Fixed Fees

This involves Legal Studio agreeing a fixed fee in advance for the advice you’re receiving. This fixed fee can be per stage of proceedings, per document or for the entire matter.

This gives certainty of your expenditure, minimises disruption to your cash flow and is a very cost effective way of managing your legal spend.

Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA)

A Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) is an agreement between you and Legal Studio which varies the amount you have to pay, depending on the outcome of the case.

At Legal Studio we are happy to partner with our clients on the right type of case by entering into a CFA with you for our fees.

You Tell Us

Sometimes your matter or your business doesn’t fit into one category or another.

We’re always looking to help. So if costs are holding you back, or if everyone else is saying no, get in touch with Legal Studio for a free initial discussion.

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Price Transparency 

Take a look at our price transparency details for more information on how we cost for the following services: 

Debt Recovery




Purchase of a Freehold Residential Property

Purchase of a Leasehold Residential Property

Summary Only Motoring Offences