Why Consultancy

We exist to help you enjoy work

At Legal Studio, we want you to enjoy work. We take care of the stress, the compliance and the complications so you can focus on your clients.

WE DO...

Treat you as an equal. You are not an employee. Work as and when suits you.

Offer a healthy working environment.  We have a supportive, collegiate environment so you can enjoy work.

The best software and support. We offer Leap, Office 365, PLC access and full Cashier service.

Reward you. Our overheads are low. You keep most of your fees.

Freedom. We hope that you’ll join us and we hope you’ll stay but we rely on carrots not sticks. 

Marketing Support. Encouragement, support and assistance to grow your practice.

Compliance. Full SRA regulation, Professional Indemnity Insurance and compliance assistance.


Boss you around. We won’t drop you in it, give you unreasonable deadlines or set ridiculous targets.

Expect you to work at our whim. Work when, where and how much you want.

Charge Joining Fees. Ever.

Own you. We are not exclusive. We don’t have restrictive covenants. 

Burden you. We do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on your clients


You love law but you want more. Opportunity, flexibility and reward.

Take control of your clients, your work and your life and make the most of your potential at Legal Studio.

We exist to help you enjoy work.