LexisNexis 2024 report: Has the partner track lost its lustre?

LexisNexis 2024 report

Disloyal lawyers: has the partner track lost its lustre?

According to a recent LexisNexis report of more than 500 lawyers across the UK (Disloyal lawyers: has the partner track lost its lustre?) Lawyers are increasingly opting not to pursue partnership positions within law firms due to concerns about burnout and work-life balance.

Some key findings of the report are:
Only a quarter of associates want to become a partner at their firm in the next five years.
Half of leaders have noticed a decline in the number of associates seeking to become a partner.
Work life balance is the most important factor for associates when seeking to move firms.
According to the report Elizabeth Rimmer, the CEO of LawCare, says. "Junior solicitors are no longer aspiring to be partners," she says. "They will likely take one look at the lifestyle of current partners and be put off."


How is Legal Studio different?

How is the consultancy model at Legal Studio different to the traditional model?
At Legal Studio we prioritize collaboration and support. Avoiding the politics and targets that can come with a traditional law firm. By becoming a Consultant Solicitor you are free to practice law on your own terms by choosing your own hours and clients. All while retaining up to ninety percent of the fees you generate.

We look after compliance, provide admin and cashier support as well as market leading legal software, freeing up your time to practice law and enjoy work.
At Legal Studio we are different to a traditional law firm and this difference is reflected in our consultant retention rate which was 100% in 2023.

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Posted By: Ian Mccann
Posted: 13 May 2024
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