Our aim is simply to offer the most compelling Consultancy Package in the market.

What We Do

We treat you like an adult. You are not an employee, you can work as and when it suits you.

We offer a healthy working environment. We have a proper office with proper facilities. We have a supportive, collegiate environment where you can enjoy work. We even offer free parking!

We provide State of the Art software and support. We offer cloud based secure working and full IT support wherever you chose to work. We use Leap, Office 365, Xero and we offer PLC access.

We reward you properly. We keep our overheads low so that you get to keep most of your fees.

Freedom to come and go. We hope that you’ll join us and we hope you’ll stay but we rely on carrots not sticks.

Marketing Support. We will encourage, support and assist you in marketing yourself and the firm.

Compliance. We are fully regulated by the SRA and have full professional indemnity insurance. You get all the benefits of running your own business without any of the headaches.

What We Don't Do

Boss you around. We won’t drop you in it, give you unreasonable deadlines or set ridiculous targets.

Expect you to work from your bedroom. Unless of course you want to.

Charge set up fees and monthly charges. We don’t expect you to pay us for the privilege of working with us.

Keep the Upside. At most firms when you get a great result, the firm benefits but you don’t. We’re not like that. When you get a great result, you get the rewards.

Own you. Unlike some other consultancy firms, we are not exclusive and we don’t have restrictive covenants. 

Rain on your parade. Our Consultants are often by nature, self-starters with ambition and drive. If you have an idea to grow our (or your) business in any way we will listen and support you if we can.

Burden you. We do the heavy lifting of the regulatory burden freeing you to grow your practice.


  • You will be someone who takes their responsibilities to clients and colleagues seriously and you should be keen to work in a modern, open, supportive and flexible legal practice.
  • We don’t have targets, but we are a business and we will need you to generate a certain level of income whether through work generated by you or through work undertaken by you on behalf of the firm or other consultants.
  • If you have more work than you can handle or have a team to bring with you (either as employees or consultants), we have mechanisms in place which will allow you to keep the bulk of the fees generated by you whilst also rewarding your team members.


For work found and done by you, we pay 75% of fees;
For work done by you provided by another consultant or the firm, we pay 60% of fees;
For work you find which is done by others, we pay 15% of fees.


Fees Paid Consultant Fees
£50,000 £37,500
£100,000 £75,000
£150,000 £112,500
£200,000 £150,000
£250,000 £187,500
£300,000 £225,000
£500,000 £375,000