Adrian Briggs


Before joining Legal Studio, I was in private practice for 3 years and specialised in civil legal costs. My main role was to attend civil cost hearings for claimants and defendants throughout England and Wales. This gave me an invaluable insight as to how civil litigation is conducted.

As the issue of legal costs emanates from most court hearings, it wasn’t long before I was instructed to conduct general interlocutory hearings in civil matters and provide advice in the main claim whilst being mindful of legal costs.

The advent of LASPO 2013 resulted in the need to consider the issue of costs during the claim more than ever. Since 2013, my skill set has broadened to include drafting cost budgets, attending CCMC’s as well as advising on each phase of a civil claim.

I joined Legal Studio in 2015 as I liked the extremely professional, team based yet relaxed working environment. They understood the benefit of having an in-house costs specialist to work with them throughout the litigation process and to help maximise a client's prospects of a satisfactory cost outcome from what is inevitably a risky and stressful experience.  
Although I initially joined Legal Studio with a view to providing a bespoke efficient and effective costs service, it wasn’t long before I realised that the skills/knowledge and experience previously gained would be of real value when conducting substantive litigation.

Whilst continuing to develop my own litigation and costs practice, I frequently assist with civil and commercial matters for others within the firm. For example; advising on various aspects of cases, negotiate settlement of matters and taking enforcement action to secure Judgments. In addition, I am regularly instructed to represent clients in court on a wide range of civil and commercial litigation matters.  

Outside of work, I enjoy cycling and open water swimming. I also enjoy travelling, scuba diving and snowboarding.  


Specialist Areas of Interest

Cost Specialist

Enforcement Specialist