John James

Professional Negligence, Personal Injury & Licensing Specialist


My dad was a solicitor and coroner, so I was indoctrinated from an early age! Dispute resolution was the area of work which I enjoyed the most during my training, and I was fortunate to qualify into a particularly interesting area of litigation (fraud) in March 2011.

I’ve acted for a variety of clients; from individuals to global corporations, in cases ranging from small claims to High Court proceedings. My experience acting for both claimants and defendants gives me insight into the most productive and cost-effective methods of resolving disputes. Having acted for several years on behalf of one of the largest pub and restaurant chains in the country, I’m also happy to accept instructions in licensing and regulatory matters. I also acted for clients in high-value, complex injury claims and clinical negligence cases, including brain injuries sustained in motor accidents, mis-diagnosed cancer patients and the family of deceased patients after receiving inadequate care. I have been involved in high value commercial disputes, including in the dismissal of a founder member of a global company and the complex litigation which followed, resulting in a multi-million-pound settlement. I have uncovered several “crash for cash” fraud rings in various locations in the UK, including Huddersfield and North London; as well as successfully defending fraudulent claims brought against my insurer client, I also pursued criminal prosecutions against several of the instigators.

Prior to joining Legal Studio I worked at Ford & Warren, Oakwood and Levi Solicitors and spent 9 months travelling the world in-between.  Whilst private practice traditionally offered a secure career path for a solicitor, economic and legal changes in the last decade has made natural progression far less certain. Further, there is little room for flexibility in a private practice environment; you work generally in one department, usually in only one area of law, with huge pressure to meet often arbitrary targets for less reward than in previous times. 

Legal Studio offered me the opportunity to be much more expansive in the type of work I do. The consultancy model enables me to focus on a broader range of work, which creates greater diversity in my caseload and consequently a lot more interest and drive. In effect, I have “taken back control” of my career and it feels great because I am free to pursue areas of work which genuinely interest me, which motivate me and in which I am able to do a great job for clients. Any targets are set by me alone, which changes the work dynamic immediately; I do not worry about hitting an arbitrary daily / monthly time target, or sitting at my desk late at night worrying about appraisals and bills. Relieving that type of pressure has changed significantly the way I approach my work. There is also greater incentive to help out fellow consultants, and to cross-network and market on their behalf. The “hive” mentality creates the atmosphere of collective responsibility; we succeed and fail together, on a far less prosaic basis than in private practice.

Away from the office, I’m a long-suffering Stoke City fan and cricket enthusiast.  I travel abroad regularly, usually incorporating a sport or music event into the trip (if i can persuade my wife!)

Specialist Areas of Interest

Commercial Litigation


Professional Negligence

Personal Injury