Family Law

Legal Studio has extensive experience in divorce and financial cases

The breakdown of a marriage is an emotional and difficult time. Whether you reach an agreement amicably with your spouse or need some assistance claiming what you are legally entitled to, you need to make sure that you properly understand your rights. Taking advice from an experienced family law solicitor at an early stage can help.
Legal Studio can help you with these matters.

Our experience includes:
  • Divorce proceedings;
  • The division of matrimonial assets such as equity in a house or a pension;
  • Recording the division in a separation agreement or consent order;
  • Applying to court to release funds from matrimonial assets to help you fund your legal claim;
  • Litigation, if matters cannot be resolved by agreement;
  • If you are not married, we can also advice on claims regarding the co-habital home.


  • Finding out that the house was not in your name;
  • A partner promised, but failed to put the house in your name;
  • A partner taking advantage of a situation where a house is not in your name;
  • The house is in joint names but one party is refusing to sell or move out;
  • Discovering you have no legal interest in the former co-habital home; or
  • The mortgage was solely in your name.


  • Discuss whether you have a viable claim;
  • Establish ownership;
  • Advise and support you through a difficult time;
  • Give you clear, robust advice on your legal position;
  • Encourage the disclosure of both parties;
  • Explain the options available to you;
  • Fight for what is rightfully yours;
  • Advise on funding options including No Win, No Fee or No Win, Low Fee options;
  • Assist you through any court proceedings; and
  • Assist with document filing, litigation, representation appeals and explaining duties.

What do we cost?

We take a flexible approach to our costs; and the fee structure of each instruction is case-specific. 

We are more than happy to discuss our costs options on an informal basis.