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I studied law for a bus pass (as there were two Sixth Form Colleges where I lived, and I only got to travel to the better one for free if it had a course that the other didn’t. That course was AS Level Law). However, having started studying it, I couldn’t stop and I qualified as a Solicitor in September 2008.

My practice includes banking and finance litigation, IT and Technology disputes and breach of contract/debt recovery work. I also have experience of on-site investigation and enquiry work, including a multibillion-dollar fraud investigation in the Middle East. However, no matter what the case’s subject matter or size, my job is to fix problems quickly, pragmatically and commercially in my client’s best interests.

My area of expertise is in Commercial Litigation. I’ve dealt with business-critical issues for FTSE 100 companies, SME’s and private individuals alike. As well as litigating, I have an in-depth understanding of alternative dispute resolution and I always provide clients with early pro-active advice on how to quickly resolve disputes in a pragmatic and commercial way. I’ve also spent time working in the financial services industry, providing me with a unique perspective and insight into this area. In addition, I have developed substantial knowledge of the practicalities of undertaking E-Disclosure exercises as well as vital experience of how to undertake this complicated and costly exercise effectively.

I trained in the City at what was (at the time) the world’s largest law firm. During that training I was seconded to the Court of Appeal as Lady Justice Arden’s Judicial Assistant. This gave me a real insight into what good client service looked like and what actually happens in court. I subsequently moved to a regional firm in Leeds and, after a spell in financial services, set up the Commercial Litigation function at a Tier 1 Legal 500 boutique practice in Yorkshire before moving to Legal Studio.

I’ve always thought that there was a better way to deliver legal services. For me, that meant doing things fundamentally differently; focussing not on targets, spreadsheets or ‘pleasing’ the equity partners but on creating a better and more rewarding environment for lawyers to work in to empower them to deliver the service that their clients actually want. Matt and Legal Studio were committed to doing just that and so joining, even though it was an embryonic start-up, was an easy decision. I was really lucky that Matt and I shared a vision and saw skills in each other that complemented and improved on what Legal Studio could become. Therefore, shortly after joining, I became a shareholder and director and we’ve been growing Legal Studio together ever since.

Legal Studio is the first place I’ve worked where everyone genuinely wants to be there! The people here are engaged with what they do and care about how they do it. That means we’ve got an ego and hierarchy free workplace. That, coupled with genuine autonomy over how you work and how you service your client’s needs, means we’ve got a team of focussed, self-accountable professionals who want to do their best and support their colleagues to do their best. You don’t get that at other law firms.

Between family life (my wife and I have two young children, one of whom, like me, is on the Autistic Spectrum) and running Legal Studio I don’t get much time for hobbies these days! That said, I’m a huge motorsport fan; attending modern and classic race meetings where I can, and am partial to the odd Sci-Fi boxset or Jack Reacher novel now and then.


Ian McCann Client Testimonials

“He has a real skill for identifying the essential points in a mass of detail.”
Lady Justice Arden

Ian McCann Client Testimonials

"I thought your talk was very interesting. I would never have thought that someone could talk about contracts and make it interesting and most of all easy to understand and relate to"
Trish Craven. Annex Solutions Limited

Ian McCann Client Testimonials

"Mollie and Ian, I would just like to thank you for all your help with this matter, it was much appreciated".
Commercial Client

Ian's Latest Blogs

LexisNexis 2024 report

Disloyal lawyers: has the partner track lost its lustre?

According to a recent LexisNexis report of more than 500 lawyers across the UK (Disloyal lawyers: has the partner track lost its lustre?) Lawyers are increasingly opting not to pursue partnership positions within law firms due to concerns about burnout and work-life balance.

Some key findings of the report are:
Only a quarter of associates want to become a partner at their firm in the next five years.
Half of leaders have noticed a decline in the number of associates seeking to become a partner.
Work life balance is the most important factor for associates when seeking to move firms.
According to the report Elizabeth Rimmer, the CEO of LawCare, says. "Junior solicitors are no longer aspiring to be partners," she says. "They will likely take one look at the lifestyle of current partners and be put off."


How is Legal Studio different?

How is the consultancy model at Legal Studio different to the traditional model?
At Legal Studio we prioritize collaboration and support. Avoiding the politics and targets that can come with a traditional law firm. By becoming a Consultant Solicitor you are free to practice law on your own terms by choosing your own hours and clients. All while retaining up to ninety percent of the fees you generate.

We look after compliance, provide admin and cashier support as well as market leading legal software, freeing up your time to practice law and enjoy work.
At Legal Studio we are different to a traditional law firm and this difference is reflected in our consultant retention rate which was 100% in 2023.

Full report:


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Ian Mccann
How Legal Studio is part of the movement redefining the legal profession

In the ever-evolving world of legal practice, the recently published, Codex Edge report has shone a light on a seismic shift toward platform law firms. This shift isn't just about changing where lawyers work; it's about transforming how they work, why they work, and importantly, how they feel about their work. At Legal Studio, we're riding the crest of this wave, not just participating in the trend but leading the charge toward a more fulfilling legal profession.

Here's what the report reveals and how we’re helping lawyers fall back in love with practicing law.

The Allure of Platform Law Firms

The report lays bare a truth many have felt but few have quantified: platform law firms are burgeoning. With a compound annual growth rate head and shoulders above traditional practices, these nimble, innovative firms are not just surviving; they're thriving. But why?

It's simple, really. Lawyers are seeking more from their careers than billable hours and bottom lines. They're looking for autonomy, flexibility, and the chance to do meaningful work on their terms. They're looking for a way to rediscover the joy in their work. And that's where platform law firms, (especially Legal Studio, and yes, we would say that) come into play.

The Legal Studio Difference

At Legal Studio, we're not just a platform law firm; we're a community. A tribe of lawyers from all walks of life who've found a home where they can practice law as they've always wanted to. But what makes us stand out in the crowded landscape of platform law firms?
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We attract lawyers from diverse backgrounds and specialisations, not just because we're a platform for everyone, but because we believe diversity drives innovation. Whether you're a seasoned partner tired of the traditional grind or a mid-career lawyer looking for a more meaningful way to practice, you'll find a place here.
  • Retention That Speaks Volumes: The Codex Edge report highlights the churn traditional firms face, losing talent as fast as they gain it. At Legal Studio, we're proud to buck that trend. Our retention rate? A staggering 100%. This isn't just a number; it's a testament to how well we support our lawyers, helping them build practices that are not only successful but enjoyable.
  • A Culture of Enjoyment: Here's the secret sauce—enjoyment. We believe that enjoying your work is non-negotiable. This means creating an environment where lawyers have the autonomy to choose their projects, the flexibility to work how they want, and the support to grow personally and professionally. It's about making sure that every lawyer who joins us finds more than just a place to work; they find a way to work that brings joy back into the equation.

The Future is Bright (and Enjoyable)

As the Codex Edge report suggests, the trend toward platform law firms is more than just a blip; it's the future of legal practice. And at Legal Studio, we're not just ready for the future; we're shaping it. We offer a space where lawyers can truly enjoy their work, ensuring that they're not just part of our present but our future.
And, while the report shines a spotlight on the broader trends within the legal industry, it's the stories of individual lawyers finding joy, balance, and fulfilment at Legal Studio that truly illustrate the potential of platform law firms.

Our unique blend of support, community, and flexibility means that we're not just attracting lawyers from all walks of life; we're retaining them by helping them rediscover the joy in their work.

Link here to the Codex Edge report in full Platform Firms Report 01.2024 (codexedge.com) for all the data etc.
2024 28 02
Ian Mccann
Are you, looking for a Paralegal position with the genuine prospect of securing a Training Contract? Well, we’re hiring at Legal Studio.
There will be admin work. You’ll be expected to help out with a variety of tasks for Ian, Matt, Louise and the wider team. Some of them will be boring. But we can promise you that the job won’t be. As a business focussed on our team enjoying work, you’ll be integral to making sure that they get what they need, when they need it. And they can be pretty demanding. So you’ll need to be organised, methodical and efficient. But by doing so, you’ll get to learn the ropes from experienced, characterful and genuinely nice lawyers. Plus, as you grow into the role, we’d like to think you’ll develop you own case load too, whilst always having access to supervision (be that virtual or physical).
You’ll start on a salary of £18,000, with 28 days annual leave (plus Bank Holidays) and genuine flexible working as standard. And, if you progress as we hope and expect you will, once you’ve been in the role for a year we’d expect to offer you a Training Contract to continue your development. Finally, whilst no one truly knows what’s going to be happening this year with offices etc. this role will be a hybrid one, split between the office and working from home.
So, if you’re interested, please send your C.V to ian.mccann@legalstudio.co.uk along with the answer to these two questions:
  1. Why do you want to work for Legal Studio; and
  2. Would you rather have sausages for fingers or fishfingers for toes and why? (thank you John James for that one).
Closing Date for Applications: 6 April 2021
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Ian Mccann