Justin Ions




I obtained a First Class degree in Philosophy from the University of Leeds in 2003 followed by a Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP in 2016 before completing the Legal Practice Course at the University of Law in 2017.

I came to law by entirely the ‘wrong’ route. I had little interest in school, having already begun working in our small family business by the time exams became significant, so the usual professions were not an option. I briefly managed the family business before taking a very long and winding road toward finding a career that interested me. I went to art school, played guitar in an awful rock band, became a full-time rock climber (among other things), and eventually persuaded the University of Leeds to accept me on their BA Philosophy programme. As you would imagine, this did not help me find a career either, but in 2008-ish I was lucky to be offered a role as lecturer in aesthetics and history of philosophy at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. I returned to the UK in 2012 with the intention of finding a ‘proper’ job and was again lucky to be offered a senior administrative role with a leading business aviation company, where I became fascinated by the legal aspects. As I said during my interview for Legal Studio, “I like it when things go wrong”. The law is there because things will go wrong, whether by accident or action, so I find plenty to enjoy.

I joined Legal Studio after Pro Bono work and short stints at Blacks and Bond Dickinson because the consultants here are unlike other legal professionals I have met. It may seem like a stretch, but I think the firm shares an affinity with many of the attitudes and ideas of the professionals I have worked with in the creative industries. They are clearly enthused by the vicissitudes of legal practice and  they have an open and imaginative view of the future of the legal profession as a whole. Second, they wanted me for the right reasons. Law is among the most conservative of professions and the usual career path is rigidly prescribed. Legal Studio did not want me to fit that mould, which is fortunate, really. We are constantly looking to innovate and Legal Studio is about as egalitarian an enterprise as you are likely to find in this industry. We treat one another, without exception, as responsible adults, and this enables a lot of flexibility in working practices. It is a far cry from more traditional models. As a relatively junior participant: I feel that I am given the space and encouragement to learn and improve. Also: the prospect of a world-beating Legal Studio combination endurance athletics team and rock band; Ian’s improvised ‘TED’ talks, Phil’s baking; the broad fascination with all things cultural, scientific and sporting.  

When I’m not at work I get my mountain fix by running and hiking in the mountains. I’m currently training for the Dragon’s Back Race 2019, a 200-mile foot race along the rocky spine of Wales. I’m also studying hard at the guitar after years of neglect. I write a little, read less, and generally don’t get enough culture in my diet.



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